Stacie Standifer

As the founder of Nashville Lifestyles, The Magazine of Music City, I’ve gotten to experience so many wonderful things… including indulging my love of entertaining, food, music, travel, fashion and décor. After 14+ years of paving the way and highlighting the chic side of my hometown (and ultimately selling my business), I decided to step down, take a break and explore things outside of corporate media confines. It has been a dream come true.

I now freelance for all types of national publications and sites. I’m also working on a project basis consulting other businesses with their imaging and branding challenges. I view each day as exciting and an opportunity for personal growth.

Along the way, I’ve made friends with amazing people, from celebrities to renowned designers, chefs and trendsetters in my own backyard and all over the globe.  It is from these people that I pick up so many tips on how to make each day and experience in life a little bit better. Of course, everything that I do involves a Southern twist, as I am a proud Nashville native and tireless ambassador for my city and region.

1. My family, friends and laughter. Lots of pranks and joking in our circle. 
2. Long lunches with my best girlfriends. Sharing healthy fare allows for an extra glass of bubbly.
3. Arranging fresh flowers from my local vendor or from my garden. Planting, growing, picking the perfect vessel… the entire process! 
4. Building playlists of all kinds of music to use for parties or as personal gifts, it’s not unusual for me to get requests to make them for others. I also love the music that shapes Nashville, and how it continues to evolve. 
5. Magazines; I get about 25 in the mail each month but can still spend hours at the newsstands. I’m equally wild about gorgeous coffee table books. 
6. Gorgeous photography. My husband has an amazing eye (and camera) and I love the collection from our travels. I'm also a collector of many other photographic talents.
7. Discovering new designers/artists, for fashion or home… and especially jewelry. I am so appreciative of those with the talent to create. 
8. Culinary adventure. Flavor is first, but ambiance and presentation in a special restaurant captivates me every time.
9. Writing is my outlet, and also my greatest challenge. I’m not classically trained, but find it freeing to put thoughts on paper.
10. Travel is my most guilty pleasure. I cannot imagine my life without it. What I enjoy the most is the chance to reflect on how very small my personal world is when visiting other locales and experiencing different perspectives on culture and lifestyle.
I’m married to a Grammy award winning songwriter/music publisher who shares in my creative spirit. With him, I have the chance to travel to wonderful locales and to meet industry insiders of all levels… and I’m always finding something new to get excited about through our connections. When we are in Nashville, I am often attending or hosting events. When not booked, I am always experimenting with ways to entertain at home….even if it’s just for two. This includes cooking (creating cocktails is my favorite), decorating, probing top event planners and shopping for unique finds. I’m also passionate about researching and inventing fun ways to be as healthy as possible. You have to feel great and have boundless energy to live this kind of life!

On Southern Sophisticate™, I’m sharing not only the highlights of my journey, but details on incorporating style and sensibility into everyday life. Whether it is an inside look of one of Nashville’s most popular hotspots or where to find the most coveted fashions, this site is my notebook on all things fabulous.  Enjoy!