Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pride and Glory

Sometimes, in considering the accomplishments of the women in my life, I'm literally blown away. When your close friends are company founders, community leaders and globally famous musicians and artists... there's always something interesting to discuss. I choose to steer clear of wasteful topics or gossip. When surrounding yourself with people who have real things on their mind and goals to reach there's not much room for nonsense... and thank goodness for that!  

 I've found a common link in special, but unrelated bonds I've made over the years. All of us have grown in different arenas, yet everyone finds a way to give back. That's what I love the most...soaking up so much experience and passion for varied things when spending time with my diverse network of truly fearless female friends. The fact that they each have the desire (and actually put plans into action) to motivate others is why the respect, friendship and trust only grows stronger. I deeply admire the strength, love and evolving spirits that help me in embracing my own journey.

Each week or two, I'm going to use this space to share a little story about one of my 'peeps'. I think it will surprise you, and hopefully you'll be as moved by their paths as I am. To start, I want to brag a bit on an incredible project/concept recently brought to fruition by innovator, Jennifer Walsh

You may not instantly recognize the name, but your buying decisions and options for all things beauty were influenced by her (original founder of the Beauty Bar). This was the first connection any of us had to specialty product lines of cosmetics and skincare...before Sephora + influx of other countless sites/stores. She was (and still is) the expert on the latest and greatest luxe products on the market. 

Love this copy of an article JW emailed to me as she was kicking off the line in early summer

After selling her wildly successful company to Amazon, she created another in-demand business with Behind the Brand. She's consulted for some of the biggest names in the business. The best part is that she's hands on, honest and genuinely relates to connect quality product developers with consumers. 

 The lineup of VOLUNTEER items 
With all of that expertise, she's created Pride & Glory. It's the first comprehensive collegiate branded line of bath/grooming products, and already setting campuses on fire. The charitable component for community support and creating opportunities for young students to become ambassadors is brilliant. Although items have just recently become available on a public scale, the buzz is growing quickly.

Those of us from Tennessee certainly know dedicated Vanderbilt and UT fans. Her affordable, made in the USA (a big part of the philosophy) luxe products are branded for proud students, alumnus and fans. From sleek, black packaged bar soap with Vandy's logo ideal for groomsmen favors to the Volunteer hand wash pump I'm envisioning in the restrooms of sports bars and fan gatherings across the state, she's founded another winning combination.

It's fun for fans of all ages in a way that will make a tremendous difference in university markets. Pride is what I feel about Jennifer's vision... and she's certainly earning the Glory that's building around the concept. I can't wait to see where she takes it next.


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  3. Stacie, just got hooked up with your blog and love it. Congratulations also on being one of Nashville's 5 Wonder Women!!