Saturday, December 7, 2013


What does a successful singer/songwriter, fashion icon and wife of a rock star do in her spare time? According to my friend, Holly another store filled with her favorite things. National press has raved about her H.Audrey women's boutique for years and the celeb following never ceases. I participated in a GAC special with fashion trendsetter, Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town and we chose H. Audrey as home base (Nicole Gaylon Clawson was our model). Good times and great clothes.

But, what she's doing now really blows my mind, and is an answer to my prayers. Like me, Holly's busy and constantly traveling. The thought of going to one place for toiletries, another for a gift and then making a stop for groceries is exhausting. Time is our most valuable commodity, and she's created a locale that not only saves precious moments of 'in and out' but a concept that will likely bring national attention to the smart, trendy 12South neighborhood where she lives. On this post, I've included just a few random shots via my phone, but there is so much more to see...

White's Mercantile is at the corner of 12th South and Kirkwood in a former filling station. The building is rustic, with an ideal layout for her vision. No signage is up just yet, but I knew instantly that the store was hers while still on the street. It has a vibe that's unmistakably Holly. She describes it as 'A general store for the modern day tastemaker'. It's that, and so much more. You can buy a comb, hand soap, baby clothes, laundry detergent, books, jewelry, hand towels or a light fixture; an inventive throw- back concept unlike anything else. The bonus is that many goods on the shelves are from area artisans (Holly is an avid supporter of craftspeople and TN suppliers). Dollars in the pockets of locals… have to love that...

I know Holly well, and love how she refers to her family whenever working on one of her amazing business ideas. White's Mercantile is no exception. Her great grandfather owned/operated a mercantile in Mer Rouge, Louisiana; White is the surname from her mother's side of the family. She's building on that tradition and crafting it for a new age. I know it will be embraced and encourage people to shop locally (and to avoid chain store madness/nonsense), while considering the origin of what are buying. Feeling good is one of the perks at White's. Products are all natural - from snacks and supplies for your pet to organic face wipes. Prices are fair and affordable to boot!

While I'm wild about a number of the items and decor on the floor at opening,  more excitement relates to what's to be added in the next couple of weeks. Holly has worked tirelessly with area farmers to secure a variety of grocery products. That includes eggs, chickens, milk, bacon and many other edibles. All are completely sourced from humane, local farms/friends and available fresh every day. The next step is prepared foods for pick-up. Yes, she is working with one of the city's most notable chefs on final details. And, no I won't share who just yet. I'm saving that for a later post. I can say that I don't see myself picking up a to-go lunch anywhere else… it's going to be friendly to vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, and most importantly… all handmade and delicious. Right now, offerings (cookies, mixes, oils, ect.) from Nashville's most creative culinary personalities are on display/for sale. She's an avid cook and only chooses the best… so every item is top quality. (Check out her recipes on The Afternoon Off).

Before you buy another gift or holiday decor necessity, visit  White's Mercantile to pick up candles, tabletop accents/linens and an antique fan or shaving set for a special gift. Hopefully you will spot the lovely Holly Williams (and I mean lovely: she was my very first pick for Most Beautiful People cover for Nashville Lifestyles mag in 2000 and graced it again in 2009).

 She might be folding jeans or arranging glassware, but will always take the time to give advice on what to buy. And trust me, you will want to take it… her impeccable, modern taste is completely accessible and always on point. Hope to see you at White's this weekend….


  1. Fabulous post!! Need to make a trip to Nashville ASAP!!!

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  3. Yes you do Nasthalia -- the city is growing in such a positive way. So many cool shops, restaurants and venues!

  4. Just moved to Tennessee from Ohio 2 weeks ago. THIS is one of the reasons we moved here - it's not your "run of the mill" type towns. I can't wait to visit this shop. :)

  5. Lovely shop. I live in Massachusetts and we have many fine establishments the likes of Mercantile; in particular is Oh My Gosh Antiques in Sterling, MA; owner is name Cheryl LaPlante and it has everything to do with antique and then some. Not too much Southern hospitality here in the Northeast as they like to think they are country folks with humble beginning and that one should wait your turn through your children. I am sorry, not nice and I have no children so I don't understand sacrifices made for them.