Thursday, April 19, 2012

For the love of all things Southern

It seemed only fitting that as I relaunch this brand new version of my blog, that the first entry be about something that is happening in my hometown that goes hand in hand with everything that I want this blog to be about. That just happens to be the grand opening of the anticipated restaurant, The Southern in downtown Nashville. It is true to it's name, with just the right amount of sophistication in everything from the open kitchen to the gourmet touches of each plate and cocktail.
Standing next to the Olin Kalk Cowboy at the Side Entrance
While the Pinnacle building seemed all business up until now (with the exception of a few parties held in the private space at the top), things just got much more lively at the corner of 3rd and Demonbruen. On my first visit, I discovered that the creator of TomKats, the inventive Tom Morales has put more than just great cooks in the kitchen. This spot is a labor of love, filled with rare treasures, photography and art that truly reflects the Southern spirit of Nashville.

Many of the iconic photographs are from Bill Thorup
A gorgeous, open interior is flanked by a spacious patio and centered by a truly gorgeous spirits and oyster bar. In fact, the solid marble (from New Orleans, just like the leather strap ceiling fans) raw bar is one of my favorite things about the space. He's also peppered the entire booth seating area with nostalgic snapshots of some of the city's famous faces mixed in with historic shots of his own family history.

An enormous guitar painting from Kraus Galleries
For even more visual entertainment, there are gorgeous Harold Kraus originals on the walls and a huge 'Cowboy' creation by Olin Kalk mixed in with eclectic pieces by local artist Sheila B (who also did a bang up job on unique wall finishes and other interior touches).

The best crab cake creation EVER!
While I love a great interior set up, if a restaurant has the word 'South' in the name, it also has to deliver authentic and familiar food. The Southern does this with ease. My favorite from the very start is the Bayou Crab Cake with hominy red pepper relish and chili-lime buerre blanc. A close second is certainly the Butternut Squash Ravioli with toasted almonds and orange glaze.

The beautiful bar is centered with a European antique tap—set with your favorite beers.
And, yes, the rumor is true—the heart of downtown is about to get a truly decent breakfast. Omelets and buttermilk pancakes will be available here every week day. But, I'm saving my morning appetite for the weekends—where on Saturdays and Sundays you can get chocolate chip biscuits, shrimp and grits, green tomato Benedict and southern fried egg sandwiches until mid afternoon. And that's what I love about the South.....


  1. Well, I don't know much about biology, but this new union between Tim and Stacie looks to me like what you get after God has broken old pots and reshaped the clay on His wheel of grace. Keep this beautiful stuff coming. In this often ugly world there are few places to find it. Can't wait to meet you, Stacie.

    Jeff Kidwell
    Albuquerque, NM
    (old friend of Tim's)