Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moving Strategies to Stay Sane

This week we are moving from a house that is almost 6,000 square feet to one that is less than half that size. After living in Brentwood over the last 6 months, I found myself yearning for the familiar streets of West End and the Richland neighborhood. I'm returning to the area I consider 'home', and bringing my husband with me! It's been an exciting process, but as you can imagine, also a huge challenge. We're losing a big 3-car garage and great basement storage, trading it in for a smaller, detached unit with barely enough room for one of our cars. Don't read me wrong, this isn't a bad thing. It's an opportunity to pare down, get organized and enjoy our new space. 

Boxing is just the beginning.
Downsizing to this degree means parting with a slew of furniture, accessories and even kitchen essentials. I've worked down to the minimum of everything from Tupperware to dish towels. For those of you who've gone through this process, you realize just how much accumulates over the years! Some we have donated (to find great sources that need particular items, check out Donating Options in Nashville), some we sold and the rest is going to be picked up by Goodwill this week (whew!). Hopefully, this new house will keep me in check and stop me from racking up more merchandise going forward.

Include detail on each box for easier unpacking.
Since the move comes during a week when we also have a big trip planned, staying on top of the details is an absolute must. We're MIA both days leading up to the move and then once we arrive at the new house, we'll have very little time to unpack. To stay sane in such a transition, boxing up our lives a bit at a time (with the exception of daily necessities) has been a big help. Having everything labeled clearly with complete detail as to the contents of each box was essential. This way, there will be no guess work upon arrival. Pulling things in better order is the goal, as well as placing the right boxes in the correct spaces.

Streamline wrapping and labeling with packing power tools.
Another helpful tip is to make sure and arm yourself with the right tools. Cards for labeling, plenty of Sharpie markers, sturdy boxes and proper packing gear. This is especially important for heavy and/or breakable goods where boxes need reinforced-strength tape and lots of bubble wrap for protection. Keeping it all in one place also alleviates stress and searching. Stock up on extra supplies so you don't have to run out for more when you're really in the grove of knocking out the work. Wishing you smooth packing and moving, it's not easy!


  1. We really love the way you have the boxes labeled! Great Job!

  2. Thank you @Hardy Auston. It's made a huge difference in storage for us, too. Now I label everything. Even big tubs and plastic for holiday, tablecloths and seasonal outdoor items.