Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beach Bound

Aaahh... it's summertime and the living is easy. Well, maybe not so much when at work in Nashville. But, this week, I'm headed to one of my favorite resorts on earth, Las Ventanas.  Even though I have time, my bags are almost completely packed for the Baja coast of Mexico! I keep my everyday cosmetics packed for most trips, but have a few 'can't leave home without' items that I include in my suitcase whenever I am going somewhere tropical. 

Ready for some fun in the sun!


1) A fantastic beach bag. This straw and wooden handle design is large enough to hold my oversized straw hat, iPad, camera and a slew of other items.
2) A couple of really great bikinis . I find the best mix and match tops/bottoms at Target. Affordable and adorable!
3) I take my sunscreen seriously. For different times of the day, I opt for either 30 or 45 SPF Body Mist from Neutrogena. For my face, the very BEST item on the market is Loreal Sublime  in 50SPF. Doesn't clog pores or burn my eyes.
4) I love my flip flops from Banana Republic. I have them in several colors. Great, durable construction and the gold tone leather on this pair let's me wear them with maxi dresses at night.
5) I like the simplicity of makeup remover wipes to get all of the sunscreen and even eyeliner off before bed. There are so many varieties on the market, but I swear by the house brand from Walgreen's .
6) I always pack a couple of fun nail colors. In hoping to get a manicure/pedicure, I want to have my own for touch ups. I love Dior's gold, and the new bright oranges and corals from Essie .
7) I always pack cloth hair ties, which seem to be gentler on wet hair (ocean hazard). This set from Private Edition has vibrant multi colors. For more 'bling' poolside, I throw a couple of gold and beaded necklaces/bracelets in as well.
8) On a beach vacay-- I always let my hair dry naturally and nothing makes it curl on it's own better than UNITE products from Elan Hair Nashville . They also have the best travel size bottles!
9) For a bit of evening glamour, I like to combine the subtle scent of Bobbi Brown Beach spray cologne from Woo Skincare and Cosmetics  with Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess  bronze shimmer (a bit on shoulders and shins). You smell like the beach AND have a sun-kissed glow.
10) On vacation, you cannot forget romance. So, I always pack a short nightgown or two in a sun drenched color and travel candles for ambiance. Right now, I am loving the sexy scented versions from Archipelago Botanicals tins.