Thursday, June 7, 2012

Santa Fe

Taking a day or two to explore a new city or resort is a part of my regular routine. Between reporting for The Tennessean and keeping the Nashville Lifestyles' travel sections up to date, I'm on the road often. Usually on assignment and on a mission—recently, I went on a trip that was all about enjoyment, good friends and returning to a town I've come to know (and adore). I visited my good friend, Moll's place in Santa Fe, where my casita is as familiar as her voice.

The gorgeous pool at Moll Anderson's, just two steps from my casita door.

The first night's dinner is always at Geronimo, one of my favorite restaurants in the country. They take all classics and make them a bit better. From a traditional Caesar salad to Steak Frites with multiple sauces, nothing is without a 'wow' factor. To get the night started, always order one of their specialty cocktails. My suggestion is their blood orange martini. They call it Samuri Nights, I call it heaven in a glass!

While I will admit, most of the shopping in Santa Fe revolves around art and decor, there are a few hidden treasures that the locals swear by. In one lovely jewelry shop, we shopped alongside Ali MacGraw! It was a small, well decorated and inviting space filled with the most gorgeous beaded and stone necklaces, bracelets and earrings I've seen anywhere. The name of the shop is as charming as it's contents, Bittersweet Designs.

Bittersweet Designs carefully displayed baubles

Above all, what I like most about Santa Fe is the atmosphere. It is an artist's haven and an art lover's delight, with Poteet Victory's gallery being at the top of my list. We love his abbreviated portraits and cannot get enough of viewing his latest pieces.
Loving the sculpture and art that surrounds me on Canyon Road
If you aren't lucky enough to have a friend with a home here (like me), there are many adorable hotels to check out. I highly recommend Inn of the Anasazi. Perfectly situated in a prime location and the decor is exactly what you would want in a New Mexico retreat. For more details on other lodging (and great art tour ideas), check out Inside Santa Fe Travel. This always evolving site is also the place to seek out special events and festival dates.

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