Sunday, August 12, 2012

EATING Las Vegas

For most, weekends in Las Vegas are an excuse to party at clubs all night. But, for us, a little gambling late night suffices for our version of 'getting wild'. The city is often described as crazy, cheesy and even undesirable.

I fell in love with the gin and tonic at Jaleo
I'm in complete disagreement with all of those opinions, which is why we try to make the trip at least 3 times each year. The shopping is by far the best anywhere, and the hotel suites are equally inviting. But, what I love most of all is the food. Las Vegas is the ONE place (outside of NYC) where the options are endless, and in close proximity to each other. On this trip, I revisited my favorite Caesar's lunch spots, Spago by Wolfgang Puck as well as Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. I also discovered something new in the (not-so-great name but awesome food and service) Old Homestead Steakhouse at Caesar's Palace.

The Croque Madame at Payard's comes complete with a traditional French salad and roasted tomato.
Another highlight was an unbelievably tasty and entertaining brunch (open kitchen for viewing pleasure... a foodie's dream) at Payard's Patisserie from the famous chef, Francois Payard. Mimosas and Croque Madame sandwiches to start the day....oh yes! And the Macaroons to go are an ideal gift, fyi.

Milo's super fresh ingredients and lovely presentation 

I can never get enough of Milo's in The Cosmopolitan. Their super thin zuchinni stack appetizer with greek yogurt sauce and softly baked cheese on the side and grilled octopus are both absolute perfection. And from there, choosing fresh fish is an adventure. 
Possibly the best seafood dish anywhere; grilled Octopus at Milo's

Getting the details at Jaleo
I also have a huge appreciation for the team at Jose Andres' Jaleo at Cosmopolitan. They make the most dynamic cocktails on the planet and food to match. I was so intrigued by the Spanish dishes that I had to have a private conversation with the chef to get some details on how to recreate my own at home (detail to come in a future post).

A selection of cured meats on the appetizer menu of Jaleo
I also adore everything on the menu at Sinatra in Steve Wynn's Encore. Such an  old-school elegant atmosphere, with serious Italian food to match the ambiance. This is an experience not to be missed.
The Carpaccio at Sinatra is at the top of my 'all time favorite' dishes.

While fine dining is limitless in Las Vegas, there are also fun ways to spoil your inner child. Sin City isn't all about strippers and booze, but the temptations are just as strong to loose control over creamy gelato or an enormous candied apple. So much fun, and totally worth the calorie splurge (and follow up dieting required) to just lose yourself and 'taste the rainbow' that is available at every turn.

Sweets never stop in the Forum Shoppes at Caesar's Palace
What's your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas? Would love to see your comment here.

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  1. My husband plays baseball, and we currently live in Las Vegas while he plays. Upon your suggestion, I tried the gin & tonic at were right! It was fabulous! Great suggestion!

  2. Lindsay-- Am so glad you liked it. You have got to get to Milo's next. Enjoy your time in Las Vegas-- what a fun place for a foodie to play!