Saturday, October 20, 2012

Slim Down Success

I know that there are a zillion 'proven' diets out there. From the countless websites, books, cookbooks and exercise regimes -- people are willing to do anything to lose a few pounds. But, I'm not one of those people. I receive the magazines with the week's worth of eating plans, point counting and exercise journals. And guess what? I am just not willing to work that hard. With an already overloaded work and social schedule, the last thing I want to do is shop for tons of  ingredients, worry about planning special meals or keep up with more numbers! Ditto for buying equipment for particular workouts. It just isn't going to happen.

Every year, it is about this time that I feel my jeans getting a little tight (yep...the dreaded muffin top) and my dresses a bit too snug for comfort. Late summer always leaves me lax, and softer for it. Vacations and longer days (for sitting on patios enjoying big cocktails and the snacks that come with) are my body image's worst enemy. But, I'm vain enough to never let it get out of hand. A year ago I found a program that works without stressing me out, and in record time. I really like doing it a month before the holidays (as in NOW) and then again in January for several weeks. Keeps me in check and in all of the experimenting over the years, I have NEVER found anything easier or that works as well.

 My secret? A couple of chapters in a book that has been quite controversial. The book is FOUR HOUR BODY by Timothy Ferris. This guy is all over the map with his experiments and promises all kinds of results in various chapters on everything from better sex to super strength. I basically skip all of that and just focus on two chapters concerning 'The Slow Carb Diet'. His claim is losing 20 lbs of body fat in 30 days, and if you follow the rules -- IT TOTALLY WORKS! Add in some strength training and you will seriously tone up and lose a couple of sizes in your clothes. 

What I like most is no complicated menus or too much to think about. I stick to very similar choices from a long list (black beans, eggs, chicken, lean organic beef, spinach and other fresh veggies are my go-to's). While there are lots of options, limiting my choices makes it easy for me to streamline. There is an allowed (and highly suggested) 'cheat day' weekly-- where the author insists you eat every possible thing you can get down/have craved. It's a bit of a trick if you do this, as you feel sluggish and bloated for 24 hours-- which drives you right back to the clean choices on the slow carb plan, and happy to do it. There are downers on the regular days, like no cheese/dairy, bread, sugar or Champagne (although wine is ok on this diet-- thank goodness). But, there's no hunger and the cheat day keeps you from feeling completely deprived. SO, I am back on this plan starting tomorrow. Combined with my regular workouts (standard for me) at Takes 2 Fitness, I have complete confidence that I will be noticeably slimmer by this time next month. And, posting it here keeps me accountable to follow through. 

Let me know if you pick up the book, and what you think?  Follow my progress here on the Southern Sophisticate where I will also be sharing variations on easy, quick recipes from just a few ingredients.