Sunday, May 5, 2013

True Love, 30A Style

Sometimes it is in the most unexpected places where you find something truly extraordinary. I had this experience yesterday as I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of one of my dearest friends who married a man who has also come to be one of our favorites. I was looking forward to the occasion no matter where it was. But, having been invited to many weddings near/on the beach, I was prepared for something a bit different. Sea and sand or a 'beachy' vibe environment were no where to be found, and it was so much better and more original.

'Unperfect' on purpose is always so enticing. This is rustic elegance at it's best

 It was the perfect venue, completely encompassing the inland charm of the couple's beloved 30A and Grayton Beach, but worlds away from the typical Seaside area wedding. Just being there was transforming. The feeling was secret garden, and very fairy-tale in a completely casually elegant way.

The back porch of Grayt Coffee House was ideal for private conversations during the reception

From the entrance of the Grayt Coffee House indoors to the inviting gardens behind the historic venue, everything was naturally gorgeous. Lush foilage was complimented by white lights in the trees and along the trunks. Fresh flowers were everywhere. Grayt Grounds had me at hello and then kept me lingering to get inspiration for my own backyard long after the vows were complete and the deal was sealed. It was truly magical.

Like the space. the food was served on rustic, natural materials and not at all fussy, adding to the theme
Food was displayed to compliment the setting. Tables were covered in a neutral burlap with loosely arranged hydrangeas as centerpieces. It completely reflected the gurus behind the planning,  Lynn Nesmith and Paige Schnell (who owns my favorite shop, Tracery Interiors in Rosemary Beach). People have fallen so in love with her store that she is designing interiors for homes all over, including Nashville! Lynn is the talent behind the uber-popular book, 30A Style, so the combination of their talents was a delight to experience. I immediately wanted to share.

The gazebo looks like something from an ancient Italian estate.
More gorgeous when flanked with potted flowers and plants.
I cannot wait to revisit the coffee house to sample some of their homemade pastries and to enjoy a morning on their porch. But, primarily, I'm scoping for ways to capture the set up to entertain my own friends at home. 

Rebecca and Murray, a perfect couple tying the knot in an intimate hideaway

At most weddings it's have a little cake, congratulate the couple and head home, but I left this one moved by the love between our friends and inspired by where they chose to share it with us. I hope that it inspires you as well! 


  1. Stacie,
    You captured my thoughts exactly! Thank you for taking time to eloquently write what everyone was thinking. I've shared your story with my family and friends.


  2. A beautiful setting and love story. Thanks for sharing Stacie.