Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Centerpiece

I've hosted too many events to count. Both for small groups at home and for hundreds at public venues.. and table centerpieces are always a consideration. Most always, it is flowers. I choose white every time. Something low, tasteful and not too busy is usually my pick. But, over the last few months, I've been introduced to some fabulous, unique and affordable ways to create a focal point for a table aside from the typical floral arrangement. Let's face it... even the most creative bud vases never really blow anyone away....

The one that first captured my interest wasn't just a 'centerpiece', but an edible and beautiful bounty meant to be shared and enjoyed. At Isle De France in St Barths, the crudite sampler served as the table decor. Lovely, in season veggies and even boiled eggs were displayed as art that could also be enjoyed. Equally attractive small glass containers of various dips were placed at every other setting for sharing. 

All I could think about was how genius this simple basket of scrumptious tastings was for setting a gorgeous spring or summer table. I also thought about how it could be utilized in fall with root veggies and  a clay container. The possibilities are endless.

IDEA: Give each pot away as a party favor!

The second time I was truly impressed happened last weekend in Atlanta where I experienced a lovely herb garden set on a piece of reclaimed wood the entire length of a table for 16. The dinner was lovely, and prepared by the amazing chef, Ed Harris. While the meal was beyond memorable, the runner of aged pots and live plants was the highlight for me. Thanks to designer, James Hurley and his fab new floral and accessory shop in Midtown ATL, I got the skinny on how to do it myself. He can get the pots and the direction to you in a snap.

What's your ideal centerpiece for the perfect table? Please share... as I am always looking for the next creative idea.