Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Menu Favorites

Everyone who follows  knows I've changed some habits. From eliminating dairy, most meats and striving for all things truly organic.. it's pretty much my current obsession. But, just like everyone else, as the weather turns cooler, I crave comfort food. That usually comes from my kitchen, but there are a few restaurants in town working hard to provide people like me with choices while offering indulgent options for my dinner companions. So grateful for the effort, which equals a fun, but guilt free night out!

Kayne Prime; "Roasted Roots"

A perfect example is Kayne Prime. Yes, it's the city's most notable steakhouse; but they also serve some of the best seafood/fish in town. There are always many choices, but I can't rave enough about the swordfish on Kayne's new fall menu. It is unlike any other fish I've ever tasted... the key is meticulous preparation. I'm just as crazy about the seasonal sides introduced this week. A rich (but still light) roasted vegetable medley (sweet potatoes, carrots + flavored with Harissa and other natural enhancers) is incredible. I  could actually order just this; the portion is huge, filling and truly addictive. Ditto for the Brussels sprouts, which I could eat at every meal. Here, my husband gets his fill of superior steaks, rich corn creme brûlée and desserts, and I don't feel at all deprived. I always leave full and happy.

The swordfish at Kayne Prime 

Another spot for experiencing the tastes of autumn in Nashville is Park Cafe. This Sylvan Park icon blows me away with inventive entrees and superior dressing of the daily catch with an array of vegetables. I can only say 'wow' about the new Cornish game hen, which is on the menu every night. If there's anything that demonstrates fall flavors, this is it. They make it to order, and can do wonders with creating a gluten free or vegan dish if you ask. I also adore Park's spicy side dishes (the green beans are addictive).  The food is spot-on, but I'm equally drawn to the charming patio and cozy bar - always treasure to visit....especially this time of year.

Park Cafe Cornish Game Hen 
No matter what you're seeking, there are spots in Music City offering more than just deviled eggs and fried pork, which seems to be a bit overdone at this point. Finding inventive flavors from chefs thinking out of the box while still highlighting seasonal Southern cuisine isn't hard. It just requires making the right reservation..

Where are your favorite places to stay healthy and sample fall's bounty? Please share and do dish on where you're eating next!