Monday, December 2, 2013

TOASTING the Holidays

There aren't many things that bring a smile and sense of celebration like the sound of the cork popping on a cold bottle of great champagne. We associate it with special moments, achievements and good times. That's why it's the perfect (and essential) holiday beverage of choice. At  most any gathering, greeting guests with a glass of bubbly is the best way to start the evening.

To make the most of the outstanding libation, Nashville City Club is opening it's doors to the public for a spirited champagne tasting. That's right, you can visit the usually private club with stellar views of downtown while sampling some of most expensive and delicious sparkling vino on the market. This Friday, an annual tasting event of the most sought-after and favored vitners is planned in the exclusive club headquarters, and you can make a reservation. I cannot wait to try the 20 + bubbly varieties along with the chef's signature food pairings.

Look forward to an evening of tasting and mingling with club members, wine enthusiasts and vendors who can give you a bit of advice on what to serve at your own holiday soiree. It's a rare opportunity and one most people don't know about. That's why I'm sharing, so my savvy followers can take advantage of the opportunity to sip in a such a luxe environment. I can't imagine a better way to kick off the first weekend of the month or to get into the holiday spirit. 

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine is giving away two free tickets to the tasting this week as part of their holiday promotions. Watch their website and posts on Facebook/Nashville Lifestyles for details on how to win. I hope to see you there….