Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Screen Sensation

It's hard to believe that there is so much attention focused on Nashville via television/cable networks lately. You can't turn on the Food Network without seeing local chefs on screen (ditto with designers on HGTV). Thankfully, CMT and GAC  always support the city via the music scene, but the span has gotten so much wider. It sky-rocketed with ABC's launch of the night-time drama, Nashvilleand there's much anticipation (and a little nail-biting) over TNT's upcoming Private Lives of Nashville WivesThe one that might just be the most fun is actually this week's A&E's premier of Crazy Hearts. For many reasons, insiders applaud the concept. I'm typically skeptical (with any reality show), but instantly supportive due to the inclusion of the always sensational Heather Byrd.

I first met Heather when she was spinning press at Metro Mix/The Tennessean... and got to know her better when she was named one of Nashville Lifestyles' 25 Most Beautiful People. She's all that and a bag of chips.. lovely inside and out. Her presence on the show is a huge positive in my opinion. She's got a distinct style, genuine personality and a fearless yet vulnerable attitude that viewers will find addictive.

HB with two other Nashville sweethearts.... 
I can't seem to keep up with any program no matter how great. My interest isn't show promotion, but sharing a bit of personal info about the ONE to watch so you can embrace her offscreen as well as on. 


Biggest Style Influence: My mother (my style was born in her dance studio ballroom.. all those feathers..).

Personal Style Summed Up: Dangerous Shoes.

Favorite Outfit on Camera: On CMA red carpet in a BCBG block dress interviewing Taylor Swift and Kenny Rogers. (hope it looks as good on air!). This brand is a go-to source.

Best Accessories: Are from my stylish sister's boutique Johnnie Q in Franklin, TN (watch for items with that block dress on an upcoming episode).

Lack of Style in Nashville: None. You can find everything, just know where to look.. and don't complain about no shopping. It's not true (ps: that kind of statement is my pet peeve).

Life Changing Career Moment: The first day of filming Crazy Hearts. A new beginning!

Music Industry Trend Highlights: The genre jumping. So much freedom for expression for artists and fans of every taste.

Ideal Day Off: With loved ones.. somewhere warm with clear, blue water on a sailboat.

Dream Splurge: A fast car. Maybe a Maybach or Audi R8.... I have a need for speed.

2014 Vacay Plans: More travel; a trip to Paris is already on the books. Venice, too.

Life Details: View it all on my new website,; check it out and give me some feedback.

HB with the cast promoting the first season.
Don't be surprised if this local gal ends up on the big screen, as there's a star power in her spirit that's just now going to be on display for the world. With her originality and creative talents, it's only a matter of time. I can't wait to see what happen's next with this 'crazy heart'...  and to hear your opinion.

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  1. Thank you so much Stacie for your kind words. You have been an inspiration to me since we first crossed paths many years ago and this means so much to me. Cheers!