Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Restaurant Revolution

 I’ve spent more time at home than ever this season. Cooking, entertaining, making cocktails and working on the house and garden has been a retreat. I’ve been soaking up every moment.

The newly opened dining room at Adele's on 12th Avenue is a bustling foodie destination.
While there’s no place like home, venturing out is a bit like traveling to a new city as dinner and entertainment options have literally blossomed overnight –. I never agreed with those complaining about Nashville dining in the past, as several greats just get better with time. Just this week, we had a late night date for sushi at Virago and the food's even better than I remember. and it’s been awhile. Fresh and fab new menu items will keep us coming back.

Adele was Waxman's grandmother, and eating here definitely feels like home-cooked comfort. 
What’s most exciting is trying entirely new places. Within two weeks, a couple of anticipated destinations have opened. The first is the anticipated Adele’s Nashville. If you aren’t familiar, just Google Chef Jonathan Waxman for a bit of background; his simple approach to food is soothing and satisfying, I appreciate Adele’s location and transformation of the historic building and former tire garage. It’s familiar but completely elevated, just like the cuisine. 

This Adele's salad of shaved vegetables is so simply prepared but a feast of seasonal flavors.
Open, light-filled space and a chef’s bar for watching skilled hands working over an open fire are elements I like most. Well, that and possibly the best salad I’ve had in the city this year. Adele’s isn’t pretentious or overdone, but a casually chic spot to enjoy consistently good food and service.

Grab a seat at Adele's chef's bar for the best view and some tips on technique. It's dinner and a show...

Another location many don’t know about yet is Sinema – located in the iconic Melrose theater. While I had heard talk of incredible restorations, I wasn’t prepared for Sinema’s level of fabulous. One of my all time favorite designers, and friend, KathyAnderson always incorporates a unique, refined aesthetic. Her meticulous vision for this two-story masterpiece is definitely going to capture the attention of national design publications and editors. In one word: Wow. In three words: Make a reservation! 

Stunning photographs, posh fabric and exposed brick make up the cozy seating areas in Sinema.
Anderson Design Studio incorporated countless architectural details throughout the restaurant. 
Nostalgia and tribute to the original theater are evident in everything from retro signage to the array of art photography and fixtures… even classic movies streaming on the wall. But, it’s far from a ‘kitschy/ themed’ environment that’s obvious. The approach is subtle, glamorous and respectful of the building’s history. If you want a preview, check out the photos on Facebook.  The food is modern but American, making it accessible to every palate.

The exterior reflects the style of classic movie theaters and dramatic entrances.
Top Chef veteran, Dale Levitski has created a lively bar menu and well composed dinner selections for his initial list of offerings in the dining room.  That’s all I’m dishing, as Sinema is something you need to experience to fully appreciate. There’s even a ‘sugar board’ for sweet cravings, just in case you need one more reason to go.

The upstairs lounge at Sinema is the coolest environment for cocktails and tastings like this octopus.
Levitski will create custom menus for private parties in the space as well.
I’m thrilled that so many restaurant visionaries are investing in Nashville. These expanded options only make living here a bit more delicious for us and for our visitors. Do share your top picks.... and what you're hoping to try next.


  1. Oh I am so glad to have discovered your blog! We live in the Nashville area also and I am so excited to have learned about these new restaurants.I am off to check out some more of your posts!

    1. Alicia- Welcome to Nashville. Do follow Southern Sophisticate on Facebook. I put so many updates there on random things around town. I also contribute to USA Today and most links for Music City items as well as for Nashville Lifestyles pieces are shared on that page. Keep reading and enjoying your new city!

  2. I love the theater/movie and restaurant concept of Sinema - hope I can dine there soon.

  3. Place the food look beautiful, very good site.Thanks..

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