Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Changing Spaces

Moving into a new house almost always requires change. For some it's drapes or carpet. For me, it's involved finding a way to make my style work with the address I've chosen. I really loved the house before, but needed to make it my own. In an older space, altering can be a bit harder than with a new, blank canvas. A prime example was my indecision about a foyer and dining room covered in perfectly good wallpaper (complete with detailed stitching and leather) that just didn't work with anything I owned. So, after sitting with it for a few weeks, I decided to make a change that suited not only my furniture and art, but my personality.

The foyer before
Deb preparing the walls for 'the big change'

I found out that repapering would be a disaster with the raised pattern underneath, and that removing it from old, plastered walls could get seriously expensive. SO, I called my friend Deb Staver to help me transform my space with her faux finishes. I'm still working on the house, but off to a great start. I didn't want to lose all color, so we chose a blue hue for above. With her skilled application, I had a new look on my walls, trim and ceiling in a couple of days. A blank canvas for my most prized art and a look that reflects my tastes. It was so fast, easy and prevented me from having to go through some drawn-out process. 

The foyer entrance AFTER Deb worked her magic. Completed the look by flat painting a
 shade of black on the interior of the door and baseboards. That is my signature, and has been for the last 15 years. For some reason, white trim drives me crazy!

I also had Deb transform a loved iron cross from our old house (which was dark red) to match the 
newly finished walls. I consider it a blessing every time I come through the front door.

Yes, it's still a work in progress, but I'm excited about the direction we are going. While I cannot brag enough about Deb's talents, I have to admit that I owe the connection to her (as well my overall faith in transforming any space) to my friend, acclaimed designer, Moll Anderson. She taught me everything I know, and I'm still learning every day. Hopefully, what I've done thus far will make her proud!

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