Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flowers this Weekend

Brightening up any room is always easy with flowers, but not something I've been doing that often since moving. But, this weekend, solo at home and wanting to bring a little 'outside in', I decided to get busy and create a few arrangements throughout the house. A little something special for when friends stop in.... or just for me.

Blooming in my yard right now! 
I have three gorgeous Crepe Myrtles in my back yard, and while I don't usually ever cut them, some of the blooms were so heavy that branches were breaking. So, I decided to snip those right off and give a splash of color to my outside table.

For the rest, I just picked up some of the flowers on sale at my favorite grocery, The Fresh Market, while I was gathering staples and supplies for this week's cooking. I chose colors that I love and that compliment the spaces I wanted to put them. Since there was no event, I wanted to keep it inexpensive and quick. So simple, and in total, I spent about $13. Not bad for a little pick me up that will last several days.

I love orange and coral roses for the table, which are a steal at $8 a dozen.

Hydrangeas punched up with color are perfect in mercury glass for the living room.

What's your favorite flower to vase from your yard, garden or from your top market (would love to have the source)?  Be sure to post it on The Southern Sophisticate.

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  1. So beautiful. Blue hydrangeas are one of fav. I love to plant a cutting garden. There is something so special to pick blooms from your garden.