Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wall Space

After moving into a new (well, actually 100+ year-old) house a couple of months ago, I've finally decided to tackle the living room. I've chosen a fabulously neutral wall color (Beach House by Sherwin Williams) that serves as a backdrop for most anything I decide to do in the space. 
But, because I am D-O-N-E with building rooms around furniture or pictures I've carried around for years-- it is here that I am going to use the ample wall space to create a gallery of our lives, and to pay homage to the photography talent of my gifted husband and his From a Songwriter's Camera project.

Perfume bottles from a shop I adore in downtown Naples, Florida (one of our top winter escapes).

My previous house was maybe a little too 'decorated', and his home's walls were filled with forgettable purchases and countless plaques/awards/record memorabilia. Neither of those looks reflect us as a couple, where these photos really are like a trip down memory lane for both of us. 

Marble stairs we love at Rosewood San Miguel De Allende.

Most of them have been taken on special trips-- and even those with architectural elements have personal meaning. Plus, they are fantastic, artistic originals that no one else has. In total, we will have 16 shots displayed on ledges, with space to add more over time.

This one is me, on the balcony at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

We're having a hard time narrowing down the choices, but have elected to keep it all black and white for simplicity. On sizing, nothing too small, but no huge blow-ups either. Not too much beach, and definitely no 'smiling at the camera' photos of us or others. Rather, a collected history of our time, trips and adventures with the emphasis being on the details. Some simple, art-style mat/framing and we will have our own gallery.

From a really special weekend with friends at Blackberry Farm.

This is something anyone could do easily in their own home. If you have a free wall (or worse, one filled with that inherited print that you can barely stand to look at), consider reworking the area to create a visual that will make you smile every day. It could be with photographs, paintings or even collages you create. Use your imagination, and make it yours!

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  1. We're about to move into a "new" 100+-year-old house, too! We just bought an 1899 Victorian in Middle Tennessee and are closing (*hopefully*) on July 17. I look forward to reading your updates and see what you guys do with your place =)

    1. It is a fun but crazy process-- will definitely keep you posted!