Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little Big Town | HOT LIST 2012

In the last 12+ years, I've been on countless photo shoots, many including Music City's most famous faces. But I don't ever think I've had as much fun as for this month's HOT LIST edition featuring Karen, Jimi, Kimberly and Phillip of Little Big Town. I got to play with the clothes and makeup... and try on the gorgeous necklace that Kimberly wore for the cover shot selected from King Jewelers.

Having fun between takes at Craft Studios

Checking out the first round of shots.

What a great day this turned out to be.  I got to catch up with the band members and their fab team from Sandbox Entertainment. Live filming from CMT was part of the experience, as they sent their team out to capture the action (and a bit of that included Phillip's grape catching skills) inside the roomy Craft Studios. That coverage is also going to be airing this month as things get even steamier with the single (and video) PONTOON topping the charts.

Kristen Barlowe brought their personalities to life with her eye behind the lens. I don't think we've ever had a sexier cover, or a more appropriate choice for our HOT LIST cover. If you don't have your issue, pick it up-- it's a keepsake. For details, check out You're going to love it1

            I'm the only one without hair, makeup or designer outfit-- but am all smiles thanks to this crew! 

For the best comment about the HOT LIST issue and/or the new music from LBT, I'm giving away two tickets to the upcoming Bartender Bash at Union Station Hotel. Just post here, and you might be sipping incredible concoctions with a friend from Belvedere Vodka concocted by the city's top mixologists.

Fooling around with LBT's Phillip Sweet for CMT Insider footage.

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  1. This looks like such a fun shoot!!! Pontoon is a summer favorite in our family and can't wait to go on our family lake trip and blast it!

  2. Who knew that mmmotorboatin' could be so sophisticated!

  3. All of the members of Little Big Town look so beautiful and sophisticated (as always) in this shoot! I could never imagine them on a pontoon, makin' waves and catchin' rays, but if they were I'd love to reach down into a cooler and crack open a beer if the mountains were blue. ;)

  4. Ya know, I've never been a fan of country music. (Yes, being from Nashville I understand that statement is blasphemy.) But I've always heard great things about LBT, and after reading about the fun you had, plus watching the fun behind-the-scenes footage, I'm definitely going to have to check them out. :) (Plus I'm a sucker for an awesome photo session and I'm TOTALLY digging the gold backdrop in the first photo! Can't wait to see the finished images!)

  5. Best comment after letting the group take a peek goes to Caitlin! Email me ( so that I can get your tickets in the mail. Thanks for posting to all!