Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting GORGEOUS Gifts

The holidays are almost here!  The hassles I can do without, but I love shopping for personal gifts, wrapping and most of all.... finding the very best things for my girlfriends. I'm crazy over the  palette collections that come from fab cosmetic brands. When I was younger, my mom would get me the 'big holiday kit' from Estee Lauder and it was always my most prized and treasured gift. Now, Estee's granddaughter has given me something I can purchase for myself and my peeps. Sleek, simple items for face (and home) are the backbones of her line... I cannot get enough!

The holiday palette, lipstick and sleek gloss from Aerin's line

 I adore the luxe pink suede bags that house all of her cosmetics & compacts. They can be used for stowing jewelry in a purse or carry on-- brilliant!  The packaging really is like a bonus gift. Most of all, I respect her heritage and the thought she's put into this brand new collection simply called AERIN. Kudos to you, Aerin Lauder for creating such an elegant but fun line of products. I plan to share as much as I can get my hands on with my friends.

Another line that wasn't created for holiday but to me, screams 'celebrate' is the Andy Warhol collection from Nars. The eyeshadows are serious works of art. But, the product I love most is the grouping of lip glosses in a 70's inspired canister. Yes, it is a collectors' limited edition, which means you need to get one asap! The glosses are compact but pack a lasting color punch. Big things do come in small packages, and this offering proves just that. I ordered 2 just to keep stocked (and for the retro-cool package). I am so excited to ditch my lady-like glass container to display makeup brushes in this vibrant vessel and of course, gift the other to a fashionable friend. 

What is your favorite holiday makeup palette on the shelves this season? And, which one are you coveting for a gift -or for yourself? Do dish on your top choices as I'm still shopping for future posts for the Southern Sophisticate.