Sunday, January 20, 2013

Case Files

For some the New Year is about exercise, for others business goals. For me, it's those things plus getting more organized. Most of those around me think I have it all together-- house usually tidy, clothes arranged by color and style. BUT, there are certain things I put off. A few tasks I accomplished this weekend. Cleaning a slew of makeup brushes was one. I've invested so much in my beloved Bobbi Brown brush sets.. and need to treat them better. I also accomplished finally getting my own 'tackle box' in order.

This poor case has been drug around for way too long with lingering content-- yuck! A Neiman Marcus purchase years ago, I thought this train case was going to be a great travel partner. In theory, it's fantastic but in reality... not so much. Can't check it.. and who wants to lug some boxy metal contraption around? So it was relegated to sitting on the counter in the office bathroom. Rarely used and severely neglected. Tired makeup, hairbrushes and little pieces of old eyeliner pencil were all part of the cluster inside. BUT, no more.  I thought about how I could make it user friendly for me and members of my team. So, I threw out the contents and cleaned it up (which included a shop vac and serious scouring). 

You can actually find similar styles of this case for cheap on Amazon
To avoid future messes, I lined little shelves/compartments with cut paper towels and chose what I wanted to include very carefully. Afterall, the plan was to keep this at work to AVOID having to haul other stuff back and forth. I do think the mission is accomplished. I've cut down the clutter in my purse too, because I won't need it with all of the necessities at hand in such an organized, visible case. 

What I included in my kit:

Makeup including everything I might need: my Smashbox powder, Benefit, Estee Lauder and Pla Beauty eyeshadows, Tarte mascara, foundation, Stila lipgloss, By Terry blush and concealer and various lip and eye pencils. (PS: I made sure to include my favorites-- things I actually use).

Hair pins, clips, comb and a shake-in dry shampoo for last minute updos on event nights.

For emergencies: A mending kit, stain remover sticks and liquid detergent. Tampons. 

Nail files and polish for nicks and touch-ups. Mouthwash, toothbrush/toothpaste, dental floss. 

Mini perfume and lotions, makeup remover pads. Static Guard. Hand cream

Ready to go with my everyday essentials
Not only do I feel more organized, but found a home for excess product purchases I've made. I still have my real travel bag filled with essentials, but now have a complete case with everything at the office. It will make my day bag less heavy.. and I won't curse for forgetting something anymore. The goal now is to keep it stocked. What is your secret for getting organized and streamlining your routine in the new year? I would love for you to share on the Southern Sophisticate.