Saturday, March 9, 2013

Party Essential

On the weekends, I usually take time to cook at least one creative meal when I'm actually in town and at home. But, when pushed for time or having more people over than I can really prepare for in a couple of hours, I like outsourcing a few things. That might involve a store-bought dip with my own herbs added or the always-easy cheese tray. And, now that I have discovered the latest offerings at Music City Flats, any gathering for cocktails at my house involving more than four people will require a quick stop in The Gulch.

A rustic, somewhat messy presentation is instantly inviting.
First of all, I love their inventive flatbreads. Combinations like fig and prosciutto, butternut squash with bacon and arugula or turkey, apple and brie are impossible to resist. They look gorgeous, are surprisingly light while also filling enough to soak up multiple glasses of vino.

Ready to bake! 
The best part is that the folks at Music City Flats understand the entertaining process, and they aim to please by doing a half-bake of items and giving them to you with any condiment drizzles or herb garnishes in sealed side containers. You wait until close to party time, pop them into your own oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and garnish as directed. Voila! You have beautiful, healthy fare for your guests with zero guess-work or stress.  Gourmet flatbreads hot out of an oven at home with the flavor of a wood-fired pizzeria.  I like to mix it up by offering my guests a variety by purchasing multiple combinations. They have the flavor combos down to a science. 

The 'seasonal veggie' flatbread is a hit even for those with dietary restrictions.

If you're seeking to-go fare, you can't go wrong here. But, there's also a great, varied selection of other options in the March edition of Nashville Lifestyles magazine. I would love for you to pick up the issue to see just how creative take out can be in the city. And please share your favorite go-to take out for entertaining? With outdoor parties just ahead, ideas are always needed!