Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Splash of Summer

Having friends for cocktails poolside is my favorite part of summer. Of course, house libations aren't traditional or mixes (ugh). I'm constantly experimenting for the next 'liquid loves', those concoctions that refresh and relax in just one splash. These two simple, fantastic recipes are perfect for serving right now:

The inspiration-- these drinks from the mixologist at On the Rocks-- Eden Roc, St Barths. I got the recipe, and
picked up the techniques -- such a breeze. Both can be made by the pitcher by twice doubling the recipe 


The juice of 1/2 lemon
1 oz vodka (Grey Goose)
3 oz club soda
Sprig of Thyme

My 3 planters of this herb are full and on growth overdrive. You have to use it, or it's wasteful, right? This application is so much more fun than Thyme roasted vegetables:

Take a highball glass and rub a bit of lemon wedge across the rim, dip into a plate dusted with loosely ground sugar (I prefer Sugar in the Raw). Toss 1-2 used lemon wedges into the glass along with ice cubes. Cut a small bunch/stem from live thyme plant and rub the leaves together as you pour a bit of vodka over it. Top with soda and use sprig/small branch of thyme as stirrer. Elegant and delicious. 


1 oz white rum
1/ 2 lime
1/4 orange
mint leaves
4 oz sparkling water

Squeeze the juice from the lime and orange; muddle with 6-8 mint leaves. Top with ice. Pour in rum and let sit for 5-10 minutes for flavors to develop (and to completely chill glass-- bartender tip). Top with sparkling water or seltzer and give one stir. This mojito is more refreshing and far less caloric than the traditional, but more delicious! 

What's you favorite hot weather refresher? Please share, and follow Southern Sophisticate on Pinterest for even more summer party ideas and libation ideas...