Friday, May 10, 2013

To Mom, with Love

As Mother's Day approaches, I keep seeing all of these crazy commercials popping up on every site  I visit... touting jewelry, clothing and other items for the holiday. Just like every other celebrated occasion, it has become over-commercialized. I'm not saying that every mom doesn't deserve a great gift (and not just on Mother's Day), but am stopping to think about what really matters. For me, since I won't actually be with my sweet mom on the actual date, it's about reflection and appreciating what she's done for me and who she is as a person. I think she knows this already, but I still feel the need to write it down.

One of my favorite shots, of my mom and all of her girls

My mom isn't pretentious and has never been particularly career-minded or concerned with personal goals, but instead has been satisfied with a simple life for us that now involves her grandchildren. She's not what most would call driven, and that's what I like about her most; she's been a constant instead of trying to plan for the next big thing on her own behalf. Because of this, I can always count on her love, affection and support no matter what is happening in my life. As for lessons, those that she taught me as a little girl have served me well. Even in a small Tennessee town, I was required to have impeccable manners, perfect grammar and to speak to adults with respect: (I can also clean a house like nobody's business) Those basic skills have served me well. Without her discipline and guidance, I would have never had the opportunities I have today. Above all, she gave me love, and still does. She doesn't hold back in telling me, my sister or my nieces whenever we speak. We are all lucky to have that unconditional caring in our lives. 

With my mom and my sister celebrating my marriage Oct 2011
One of my favorite quotes is from Eleanor Roosevelt: "The giving of love is an education in itself."  I think it pretty much sums up my mother's life's work and who she is. Happy Mothers Day to her, and to all of you who give without question to your children. It truly is the sweetest thing.


  1. What a perfect description of your Mother Stacie! She's been a great friend to me over the years and show me unconditional love also! A wonderful woman indeed! :)