Friday, June 7, 2013

Light + Lifting = LOVE

It isn't often that I find a product that I am so crazy about that I buy multiples. Makeup, candles or lotion... yes. But, rarely is there a clothing item that I stock up on just in case it runs out or is discontinued.  That is, until now.

For those of you who already have a Coobie bra or tank, you likely know what I'm talking about. This super sleek, wonder material is ideal for a small chested woman but also a go-to for those of us with more to support. If there has ever been a 'cure all' product for all body shapes, this is it. The one size fits all rule really does apply here, and they have it down to a science. Once you've spent a day wearing a Coobie, you will never hit the underwire section of the lingerie department again. This is so much better. And, the seamless backs completely disappear under clothing, with no pinching or back fat issues. Thank goodness!

Such fun colors for this summer. Removable pads and lots of stretch, and the straps can be removed
 or crossed across the back for showing a little shoulder. 

You can pick them up in Nashville in multiple colors at Maxwell Aesthetics. This 21rst Avenue locale has prints, white, nude and brights (looks like the top of a tank peeking out of your favorite summer sundress or shirt). The best part, they are less than $20 each. At Maxwell, samples are provided to try. Trust me, you will be hooked after slipping one on even for a second. After a couple of months of washing, the fabric up holds well and bounces back. I know that this reads like commercial, but I'm just blown away by how much I love this bra. Life changing sums it up, seriously!

I hope you get one of your own, or several like I have-- and let me know what you think?


  1. We have been carrying these Coobie bras at Stacey Rhodes Boutique for several years! We have them in all colors and styles, scoop neck, v-neck with lace and strapless bandeaus! We have them in solids and patterns!

  2. Stacey-- Don't know how I missed these as many times as I have been in your shop. Such a great item. I am totally in love with them. Glad to know that there's a source in Brentwood.