Friday, June 28, 2013

New York CITY

I'm a Southern girl first and always, but there is something about being in the city that gives me energy and a feeling I cannot get elsewhere. On a recent vacay with my family, we explored all of the Times Square tourist stops I don't usually see on work visits.  It was super fun with my cute nieces. Dylan's Candy Bar was a top-stop, as was the incredible Todd English Food Hall at The Plaza. If you don't know about this food mecca, you need to check it out... truly something for everyone and every age.

Scottie at Dylan's Candy Bar..
The lobster roll at Todd English Food Hall was a hit with our entire family..
After my family retreated to Tennessee, I checked into a gorgeous suite at the St. Regis solo. Instead of feeling lonely, I relished this luxe abode like I was coming home. The room was so over the top that I almost felt guilty for having it all to myself. Combined with the fact that I had my own private butler and a dynamite concierge, it was enough to make me feel like I had won the lottery. 

My camera couldn't capture it all. This suite at the St Regis NY was so big-- the bath, too! 
This place is truly the height of luxury. The service, decor and nightly treats (chocolate covered strawberries at turn-down) were all dream-like. If you have one vacation to splurge on in the city, a stay here is THE place. It is so worth the expense, as they take care of every detail and pamper you the entire time. And, the location is  steps away from the best shopping on 5th Avenue. St Regis is the ultimate for shoppers!

Rode in the St Regis Bentley with my friend Liz to Harlow. They take you everywhere if you are a guest!
While visiting this trip, I enjoyed a few other highlights. My top picks are a blowout at Rachel Zoe's Dream Dry, dinner at Harlow (beyond amazing!), lunch and a pedicure at Bergdorf Goodman, libations and late night snacks with Tim at Hell's Kitchen, and drinks with a special friend at Soho House

Tastings at Harlow, my fave dining spot in NYC...
What's your favorite NYC haunt and why? Would love to hear more since I am there often. Please do dish here and keep following for more travel details....


  1. Love to stay at AKA on 58th between 5th & 6th! My home away from home when in NYC!

    Tracy McClimans

  2. Wow! Love your blog! I live in NYC and visit Nashville frequently....
    I would love to hear more from you about my town NYC!
    Thanks for the tips! Jane D Hale

  3. Jane-- Thank you so much. I plan to do lots of travel pieces coming up-- and of course, more NYC. Just love it!

  4. Do you have any suggestions for "makeovers" in NYC? i'm taking my sister in law and 2 nieces in April and we want to have some beauty fun. thanks! Krista

  5. Absolutely-- there are so many options. I really think that the most fun experience is on the lower level of Bergdorf Goodman. They have so many talented people working there-- and every possible skin and cosmetic line. I took my niece and she loved it there. Another option is to all go and get the VIP treatment at Dream Dry-- they have 2 locations and it is such a treat!