Monday, August 26, 2013

Midtown Mixes it Up: The Tippler

My first experience with The Tippler was in the Chelsea/NYC location when I was invited by my fab friend, Karin Barrett. She and her husband Michael are not only owners, but visionaries of the unique, inventive space on the lower level of one of my fave NYC haunts, Chelsea Market. So, when I learned that they were bringing the concept to Music City, I was beyond excited. I knew that our Midtown neighborhood needed something fresh and was also hopeful that this new locale would bring Karin to Nashville more often. I'm as crazy about her as I am about any cocktail, so this is a win-win for me.

The daily chalkboard shows specials on everything from house made beers to cocktails.
Music City Tippler opened a few weeks ago, and already the buzz is so loud that you can hear it from downtown. This is the NEW place to be. Happy hour, late night... you name it -- this is THE cocktail locale of the moment, and for good reason. But, in the spirit of being fair and not just a friend of the owners, I had to sample a few of the cocktails from the menu before giving it a total endorsement.

Just a few of the bitters and flavors on the bar for nightly service at Tippler.
I sampled 4, although I was tempted to try their imaginative variation on Mules and other classics; I played it safe. I did not taste anything that I would not order again. I enjoyed the flavors, but more importantly the personalities of the talented bartender team. They were super informative about the bitters, the herbs and the reasons for choosing certain ingredients. The entire experience was fascinating. 

I'm not usually a bourbon fan but the Summer Fling with pebble ice,
 PBR, honey, lemon and strawberry is truly amazing.
The people are as intoxicating as the concoctions that they are serving, which is why the locale is such a hit. The interior is beyond cool, with a retro, historic vibe carefully crafted to appeal to modern diners. The food menu is equally enticing (that's coming soon in a full feature in Nashville Lifestyles).

Two of my absolute favorite drinks, the Santaria (tastes like fall, and is made with Pinot Noir and their house made ginger beer) and the 'I'm not Bitter' with Russian vodka, grapefruit and other temptations. 

What is your new favorite hot spot in Music City? And, if you have been to The Tippler, I would love to hear your feedback! 


  1. I went to the Tippler near grand opening. What a vibrant place. I order the scallops and they were amazing! This is a great spot! You will see people in suits and dresses and people in tees and jeans. Such a wide diversity and with it being right around music row, you never know who you will bump into! I will be back.

  2. Jack-- I totally agree with you-- such a great addition to the city's restaurant and bar mix!! Everyone needs to try it!

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