Friday, August 30, 2013

Discovering Grenada

When I told people that I was headed to Grenada, I cannot count the number of replies that came back as WHERE? This remote island is so far south in the Caribbean that it really hasn't been on anyone's radar...until now. Real estate is being snapped up by savvy US and British investors as they discover the locale, and for good reason. A quick connector to a direct flight from Miami on American Airlines (there are also directs straight from NYC) makes it an ideal escape for anyone on the East Coast. Unspoiled landscape, year-round gorgeous weather and the people are just a few reasons to go.

The beach area and open air restaurant at Mount Cinnamon 

Grenada isn't the spot to visit if you are looking for sprawling high-rise resorts, as it is totally opposite from many of the exploited islands. There are no American shopping outposts or food chains, just a simple way of life, genuine people and beautiful beaches. Everything is completely authentic. There are a few fun restaurants and nightlife options, but for the most part, it's a quiet island. It is perfect for anyone seeking peace and a connection to nature... or a bit of romance. Grenada is also favored by serious fishing and water sport enthusiasts for it's tremendous location and reefs.

One of two terraces at my villa at Mount Cinnamon. Very casually decorated with breathtaking views
If you plan to go, I have two suggestions on where to stay. The first is Mount Cinnamon, where every villa offers a spectacular ocean view, luxury furnishings and terraces that you just don't want to leave. I also like that this property feels like you are renting a private villa, but that you get to enjoy two onsite restaurants, spa services and other amenities usually reserved for hotels. Amazing massages are available in an outdoor cabana near the beach, which for me was a highlight. 

One of the many porches at the exclusive Mount Edgecombe.. soon to have it's own Eco Spa.

My second choice would be to get a group together and to rent out the island's most luxurious historic plantation, Mount Edgecombe. With two houses, multi-level infinity pools, two full kitchens (complete with a gourmet cook) and party/entertaining pavilion overlooking the ocean, it is the perfect escape for those who want to bring friends and family. I also see it as a place for a wedding or special occasion event. There's just so much space to enjoy! Set high on a cliff, you are completely secure, but can enjoy total privacy. You can pick fruit from the surrounding trees, explore the rainforest and waterfalls or simply lounge around the pool enjoying the view. 

Even on a cloudy day, the view from the pool at Mount Edgecombe was clear and completely intoxicating.

If you want more detail on my Grenada experience, feel free to shoot me your questions. But, do go online and research these options for your next travel adventure!