Thursday, August 15, 2013

Remodeling: Powder Baths

For an old house, we lucked into having two bathrooms on the main floor. Since all bedrooms are on the upper level, this is highly unusual. It makes a difference during parties, or even when a few friends are over. While the spaces functioned well from the start, I wanted to dress them up a little. My interest wasn't in spending lots of $$ on the finishes, but just sprucing them up enough so that they were inviting to guests. After all, aren't powder baths the one spot everyone visits?

The small bath at the rear entrance to the pool was a little funky. Black tile with white grout and a stained brass sink made no sense to me. The confusion was elevated with a whicker frame/beach house type mirror. Then, there were white painted cabinets. The hardware was good, but that was all that I liked. I started with refinishing hardwood floors and waited until the idea of what I wanted 'came to me'. 

Bath BEFORE. I painted all cabinets and trim a flat gloss, deep slate to make the
space seem more cohesive.
It began with the wall paint. My guru for all finishes, Deb Staver brought my dream of a copper/brown/old-world polish to life on the walls, trim and ceiling; everything developed from there. I found an inexpensive remnant piece of granite in Berry Hill,  a copper sink and a faucet set that I could adhere to the wall on clearance at Hermitage Lighting. A mirror from PD's in Downtown Franklin completed the look. I also changed out brass door hardware to reproduction iron and crystal. In all, I spent very little and totally transformed this space.

Bath AFTER: I painted all of the cabinetry and trim a low gloss dark slate to 
compliment the wall finish and hardware. 
The second bath really was charming to begin with.. it just needed a little TLC. The floor/wall tile was fantastic (retro) and the ceramic towel bars are touches you just can't find anymore. But, there was a small, round mirror and a light fixture above that was a little too 'modern' for the tile and other elements. I elected to have a flat, beveled mirror installed to completely cover upper part of one wall to make the room seem bigger, painted the walls a deeper gray to bring out tones in the tile and again, went to Deb Staver for a touch of magic. 

2nd bath BEFORE (actually in progress, as the mirror had already been changed)
She put a true silver finish on the ceiling to make it 'pop' and I found an antique replica ceiling fixture at Hermitage Lighting to compliment her work. The change is dramatic, but was SO inexpensive as the main components all remain. Little touches like a guest table with rolled towels and luxe toiletries make even this tiny space feel glamourous. It's really hard to showcase in a photo since the room is so small, but it looks great when you actually enter the space.

2nd Bath AFTER. A flat wall color in a deep gray really made the tile pop,
and a simple quilted shower curtain from Restoration Hardware was an easy
improvement that allowed me to use the existing retro rings.

I still have much to do as I move through the house, so would love your suggestions on resources. Also check out my Pinterest boards on remodeling for inspiration and insight onto what's next...