Friday, October 4, 2013

Life Changing Skin Solutions

For years, I've been a guinea pig for all kinds of products. Serving as an information provider via Nashville Lifestyles means that trying the latest, most talked about items from makeup to restaurants is required. Along the way I have to admit, I've gotten to sample some luxurious things. That especially applies to personal products. Since I'm addicted to packaging and ingredients, it's been more of a perk than work. I love every second of trying something new. In most categories, I always will. And, I plan to keep sharing the best both here and in print.

The entire kit, with the sea water that I adore.
But, the most life-changing product came to me not in a sample box seeking a review, but from meeting a dynamic woman while on vacation. I stumbled upon the famous Susan Ciminelli while on a trip to the lovely Mount Cinnamon in Grenada, and was instantly mesmerized by her welcoming spirit and then completely captivated by her wealth of knowledge on all things skin. She's 50-something (according to another guest), but has the skin of a 25 year old and the energy to match. She brought me into her villa and tried out a few of her products on my skin and within minutes,  I could tell a difference in the texture... so of course, I had to know more. That same evening, she shared that it wasn't just the products, but her entire approach to diet, lifestyle and a consistent regimen that produces great skin. After watching her for a couple of days, I was sold. 

My daily addiction...

My box from the line came in the mail shortly after I got home, and I couldn't wait to get started. I was starting an internal cleanse with my diet, so the timing was perfect. I was ready for a schedule, rules and to follow instructions (Susan's are detailed and specific to your skin type). After 3 weeks of exclusively using her products, I cannot believe the improvement. For the first time since college, I'm going out sans foundation with no insecurities. The New York Times labeled it the 'Susan Ciminelli Glow, and since she started doing Jennifer Lopez' skin years ago, the title is well-known. J Lo even named her first fragrance Glow after the buzz based on her skin. 

This mask is a treat, and something to use before any event or occasion for a boost. 
The interesting part is that Susan doesn't buy into most of the invasive and aggressive treatments on the market. You won't find things like acid peels or microdermabrasion at her fantastic day spas in New York or Los Angeles (if you are planning to visit these cities, book a facial and reflexology with her).  And, there are no chemicals in her products. She believes in feeding the body, spirit and the skin with positive, natural substance. She's responsible for Martha Stewart's radiant skin along with a slew of other high profile personalities (just check out the list on her website), but is just as dedicated to those of us who are average, everyday people. She's taught me to follow a routine that has become the best part of my morning/evening, and despite a few initial breakouts due to the cleanse of toxins from my diet, I'm seeing a huge payoff. While still less than a month in, I believe that her products and plan are going to help me win the war against aging. Fingers crossed, but it's working so far!

The book is an easy read, and full of information.
The products are not inexpensive, but a little goes a long way and the results are worth the investment.   She also has a top selling book full of advice on diet and living. It's a must read where everything on the surface is tied back to how we live. I just cannot get enough of her teachings... or her products. I'm actually finding excuses to wash my face just to get a bit more of the benefits.

 Now, I just want a smart retailer in Nashville to pick up this line. There's no reason to let Bergdorf's have all the good stuff!