Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Saint Anejo Opens!

It's a known fact that even the skinniest girls in my circle cave when it comes to one thing.. Mexican or Latin food. The problem is that until now, there weren't many choices to really indulge in the flavors and experience in Nashville while also enjoying a truly authentic, magnetic environment.

Skillet Nachos
All of that is changing, as the anticipated Saint Anejo of MStreet opens it's doors tonight. The enticing menu is filled with somewhat familiar selections, but each boasts a specialty twist, unique, fresh ingredients and celebratory presentation. If the sneak peek (and tastes) I've experienced is an indication of what's to come, the demand for tables and is likely to build quickly. Reasonably priced, spirited food is always a hit and there's never been anything quite like this in the city. A menu filled with complex and delicious Latin inspired cocktails, several light and vegetarian options (my favorite) and the most interesting atmosphere in town (think rock-n-roll meets Mexican culture) are just a few reasons to try  the hotspot before it is on everyone's radar.

Taco sampling at Saint Anejo 
I only got to snap a few photos with my phone, but even without quality pictures, it's clear that Saint Anejo has been worth the wait. Located at 12th and McGavock, it's naturally a part of the inventive MStreet Entertainment group. 

The Latin inspired cocktails and tequila selections are outstanding!
Look for more updates on the menu, details on the detailed architecture and decor (and much better photos) in an upcoming post. This is just a teaser of what's to come. For now, like Saint Anejo on Facebook for the full menu and to keep up with the latest on the city's most unique and refreshing new dining experience.