Wednesday, November 6, 2013


November is Nashville's month to shine. With dozens of television appearances, magazine shoots and of course, media coverage of the CMA Awards it's the city's chance to really show the world just how stylish that Music City has become. On the big night, things may appear effortless as rehearsed performances and red carpet commentary stream on the television, but there's quite a bit of planning that goes into making the biggest stars look and feel their best. A big part of that is having great sources and a strong team of experts to ensure every detail is taken care of. Their experience with every possible situation (including mishaps and disasters) is invaluable in ensuring that clients have a seamless experience. From their tips, I've also come up with my own game plan, as what they do for the red carpet and onstage appearances can also be applied to anyone gearing up for a special occasion. I'm really lucky to have such good friends who are also gurus… and am excited to share their insight with you here.

One of Trish Townsend's favorite red carpet looks for Carrie was Badgley Mischka for the Golden Globes. She is even more excited about her 2013 CMA wardrobe picks.


Stylist to the stars Trish Townsend literally has every trick in the book up her sleeve. She's one of the best in the business, and on nights like CMA Awards, handles the wardrobe and changes for 4 different artists including Blake Shelton as well as style icon and show co-host Carrie Underwood. Multiple outfits/looks is an understatement, really. But, with her approach, it always comes together. These are a few pieces of advice she has for creating a flawless look that feels as good as it looks for a big night.

1. The biggest concern and focus should always be on fit. Alterations are crucial. This is also key to making you look slimmer, taller, better. Fit is everything!

2. Don't get stuck on the latest trends. Choose what is best for you in terms of colors, shapes, lengths and other details. Also, too much of a trendy look makes you look like a follower instead of someone with great personal style.

3. Stash an emergency kit in a small bag or clutch for a long night. Top items are double sided tape (for hems or slipping tops), stain pen for accidental spills or cosmetic smudges, pads to put into shoes for more comfort.

4. Stay away from busy prints or crazy patterns so that's not the focus in pictures.

5. Be true to yourself and don't go out of your comfort zone. Be authentic, dress appropriately for the occasion and always trust the advice of a good friend on how something really looks on you.

Carrie wearing a Pink Pewter headband at a past appearance. Look for the best band from the
line yet -- debuting on CMA Awards 2013! 

Melissa Schleicher has been styling hair/makeup for celebrities for 20 years. She applies her wisdom on cosmetics, hair styling and overall grooming to ensure that clients like Rascal Flatts look natural on camera.  She also has a trained team in her posh Brentwood, TN store and salon, Parlour 3 working nonstop on attendees and award nominees during this busy week. It's also the year-round source for exclusive services, products and accessories. Her top client is Carrie Underwood, who has multiple costume changes on CMA night-- and that means updating hair and makeup for a fresh look with each ensemble. Melissa has lots of secrets; here are a few she's given me that anyone can easily use in getting ready for a big event.
This kit of mini Oribe products is a lifesaver on event nights.
1. A major source for having great looking skin is coconut oil (grocery stores). Rub the solid into your palms to melt a bit. Lather your face in it prior to applying cosmetics for a glow. She also uses it on the body, which explains why Carrie's legs always look so amazing. Easy, inexpensive and natural - so no worries on a reaction to the product.

2. A few days before a big event, get an exfoliating facial. Nothing drastic or invasive, just a treatment to revive the skin and give you a boost.

3. When it comes to hair, she relies on Oribe Super-Fine Hairspray. This can be brushed or combed through over and over during style changes and never leaves a residue or gets sticky. It's a lifesaver for any quick hair fix or long shoot situation. The Dry Texturizing Spray is also a must for adding volume.

4. For an instant glam look for Carrie's hair (and any female), adding a jeweled headband is a quick solution. Pink Pewter's designs ($40-50 each) sold in Parlour 3 are wildly popular, and one of the newest styles comprised completely of Swarovski Crystals ($150) is actually going to debut onstage with one of Carrie's appearances…so be sure to watch for it on your telecast. You can also change a look of long hair in a snap by clipping it to the side with a few pins for a glamorous evening look.

Just one of the styles from Pink Pewter. So easy to add a festive touch to your hair.

Whatever your next event may be, applying a bit of expertise to your routine can make the entire process less stressful, more productive and most importantly, fun. Do share any of your go-to
tips for getting photo ready here and watch for more party-season posts coming up.