Saturday, December 7, 2013

Design Destination

I love home design. Always have/will. I'm in a constant state of reworking things. What most may not know is that prior to launching a magazine, I was a licensed contractor (yep..designing/building homes at 25). Glad that I now can be the client, but still love every facet of the decor part of the process.

One of the spaces in the store on McEwen. Incredible!

There are few that know more about this than Jonathan Pierce. He can take a tiny apartment and turn it into a functional living environment that looks like a palace. He's as valuable with small, budget oriented projects as with the massive celebrity homes he creates. His style is modern, but also includes a number of Asian and antique influences. It's eclectic in a completely original way. That's why the firm has been not only featured on multiple television networks, but chosen by HGTV to host an entire series, Interiors, Inc. Check out the magic his team worked on my closet:

Those seeking inspiration can get a sample just by visiting the new Pierce & Co. store in Cool Springs. I always feel 'lifted' in their Belmont Blvd locale (still open, too), but the new retail spot elevates me to an entirely different level. It's a haven for minimalists and equally enticing to personalities craving extravagance. The mix is why it's so inviting.

Look for this sign... and a gorgeous window display when driving in.
At Pierce & Co, you'll find sofas, chairs, tables, shelves and other furnishings unlike anything else in the area. If you just want to browse (and dream a little), there are dozens of accessories to pick up. I adore the bone and wood box collection (check out those featured in the December Nashville Lifestyles), tabletop fireplaces and pillows- oh, the pillows! I also can't get enough of the lighted trees and accents for holiday. I have every intention of keeping those lighted treasures on year-round. 

This locale is also the spot to find the latest from the
exclusive, celeb favored  Mantis 7 jewelry line. 
If you haven't visited, put this on your list. Swoon over a lamp, get distracted by the jewelry cases and stock up on festive candles, bowls and coffee table books. It's worth a stop no matter where you live. You'll leave exhilarated over possibilities. If holiday gifting is on your radar, they package everything beautifully and carry the most striking ornaments in this market. No lines or dealing with mall chaos, either. Shopping local is the cherry on top!

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  1. I love that couch in the top pic as well as the patterned chairs! Where and how much!