Thursday, January 9, 2014

Morning Glory

When it's freezing outside, getting up and out of the house is no picnic; I'm grateful to have a warm house at this point, so no complaining. When thinking about how to spend an ideal morning... it's pretty much the same for me everyday lately. Based on my Resolution Inspiration... I'm sticking to what makes me feel good inside and out.

My combo for a fab A.M.: Fresh flowers, my amazing cucumber water + a protein & vitamin-packed smoothie. 
I've seen countless smoothie posts over the last week. Some great ones (others; I love the photos and green recipe from Styling My Everyday. And I'm in awe of the collection from top bloggers and recipe gurus on the latest concoctions filled with veggies and goodness via The Roasted Root

This recipe roundup on The Roasted Root is definitely one to research for detoxing and boosting nutrients.

This is my primary meal for the first half of the day. I exercise in the morning on an empty stomach (aside from a shot of greens with water via A Perfect Food -which I credit for not having a cold 2 years and running), then come home to whip up a concoction in my beloved Vitamix. I savor it while catching up on blogs... usually finding a fab recipe for dinner in the process. I'm always overly full, so 'no lunch' is a new habit. The one ingredient that's a must for my blends (and not in many others on the net) is significant protein. All of the juice, fruit and flax in the world can't fill me up and restore muscles. If there's a good bit of protein, I'm good for hours.

Greens mixed with blueberries creates a gray/purple color.. but I'm in it for taste, not looks.
 My smoothies are  filling, and delicious... just try the Pina Colada version if you're not convinced.


2/3 cup light vanilla coconut milk
1/2 cup light almond milk
Handful of frozen blueberries (7-8)
4-5 frozen peach slices
Handful of spinach or kale leaves (maybe 3/4 cup)
1 Tbsp+ of flaxseed (I just toss it in)
Dash of vanilla extract (less than 1/4 tsp/optional)
1.5  heaping scoops of vanilla flavored Vegan protein powder (I like plant-based Vega)
A slice or two of fresh fruit on hand (pear, apple, orange, pineapple)
1/2 cup ice cubes

Put all ingredients into the blender (liquid first) and slowly power up to highest level for 30 seconds. Serve in a glass and reserve the second portion in fridge to enjoy an hour or so later. You will delight in how you feel and how easy it is to curb your appetite without feeling hungry for a second. Occasionally, I will even toss in a bit of a packet of Emergen-C just to boost the vitamin intake.  If you have a sweet tooth, put a half of a Stevia in the Raw packet. This isn't exact science, so experiment and enjoy.. just make sure all ingredients are organic for the best results.

What's your secret recipe for a fantastic meal in a glass? Is there a routine outside of nourishment that energizes your morning? I would be thrilled if you would share it here...