Monday, January 13, 2014

Southern Fashion House

There are people with great ideas and talent, and those who actually put them in motion. One woman I admire for doing this is Stephanie Carter, founder/owner/driver of award-winning Southern Fashion House. You might be familiar with lines she creates for brands like Judith March on display (at upscale boutiques like Posh and Stacey Rhodes in the Nashville area), or DejaVu in Seaside, Florida. What you likely haven't seen yet is the new collaboration with Stephanie's latest partner, Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. In less than a week over 350,000 Facebook fans have jumped on board as fans...I'm thinking it's going to be huge.

Missy Robertson and Stephanie Carter working out line specifics.
Missy and Stephanie immediately hit it off (as confident Southern women often do), and have been furiously working on a line of clothing that fits not only a modern lifestyle, but reflects values and culture with strong Southern roots. 

The reason for the Duck Dynasty lovely's interest clearly isn't financial, but based on her desire to offer women with lifestyles similar to hers (busy working wives/mothers/ friends) a solid option  for a wardrobe that's functional, stylish but conservative. So, she sought out a designer that could understand her vision and the line was born. Missy says: "Stephanie gets my whole concept of the clean lines but is very detail oriented. She knows what my desires are for this line for cut, fit and modesty. Then, I rely on her for the fashion and design part. I think it is a very good collaboration.”

Stephanie's favorite dress from the spring collection of Shop Missy Robertson. 

Because this is such a big venture for Stephanie and her team at Southern Fashion House, I just had to ask a few questions on the experience thus far and what shoppers can expect from the line as well as her overall thoughts on fashion design and top considerations:

Top style icon:
Sophia Loren

Influence for looking great and new designs: 

I'm launching a line that reflects my mantra for dressing how you feel each day.  Even if you feel casual, you can still look great by pairing a bohemian skirt and boots with a striking necklace made from a vintage broach.

On social media:
It gives us instant feedback that we can take back to the design drawing room!

Favorite item in Missy's line:

The red wrap dress with ruffle collar is such a versatile piece - striking yet demure at the same time.

Most impactful item in any woman's closet:
That go to dress she feels great in; the one that you can dress up or down, that is timeless and classy with excellent fit and garment construction (which is everything!).  

Other passions:
Home decor and design. I love Tracery Interiors , antique stores off the beaten path and turning a vintage piece into something gorgeous. A home line for Southern Fashion House could be on the horizon...

To wind down/relax:
Walking with my son on the beach or heading to the family farm in my Alabama hometown to shoot and hunt.  Listening to music at The Red Bar with friends or enjoying dinner at George's near Rosemary Beach.

Stylish at home and at work: Traditional Home magazine featured Stephanie in the September 2013 issue.
Currently, Stephanie is looking forward to meeting with retailers at wholesale markets to choose the right outlets for the new line. Modesty with a casually stylish flair will be wildly popular, but they plan to select partners that make sense for the demographic.  Missy couldn't be more excited: "There was a void in the market for active, busy working moms who want to look put together without having to put a lot of effort into it (while staying modest and age-appropriate). The silhouettes in the collection are intended to flatter women of all ages, shapes, and sizes."  It sounds like this duo has only good things ahead. 

Always an original.. from clothing to environment. 

Check out Southern Fashion House online, and do offer your comments on your favorites from all of her distinct lines here. You will be amazed at how diverse and approachable this 30-A living, Alabama-born design-loving woman's pieces are.. and just how much she's accomplished in the fashion world. Kudos to you, Stephanie... I'll see you at the beach!