Monday, January 6, 2014


I took a bit of a hiatus from postings through the holidays. Hosting multiple events and caring for my husband post foot surgery had me completely occupied. Now, I'm  anxious to get back to sharing recent musings. To begin, I want to skim the same topic that almost every site seems to be focused on.. resolutions. Most relate to fitness, spiritual goals or organization. While I could go on about mine, it's more sensible first to list places to find inspiration no matter what your goal(s). This is just a quick reference guide  to keep on hand in creating your own plan.

My husband snapped this at the West End location of Takes 2 Fitness.. a brand new facility.


January is ideal to tackle all of the appointments you've been putting off. Annual exams for your medical checkup, mammogram, dental cleaning, eye exam (and even a review of your insurance policy/investments) are best set now. I'm making it a priority to get anything like this checked off of my list. One source I love is The Prevention Group (previously LIFESIGNS) where many of the personal/medical items can be taken care of with your insurance co-pay in just a couple of hours.

At the same time, figure out a fitness program that works for you and book it. Sign up for classes or get new video tapes.. whatever it takes to be active. I read in a recent article from a top health expert published in Vogue that 'Sitting is the New Smoking' (sedentary = risk for slew of problems). Get moving to prevent them! I totally trust the trainers at TAKES 2 Fitness in Nashville -- so professional, clean and fun -- with 3 locations and round the clock access. They offer free two week passes for trial, so there's no reason for excuses. 

The Food Lover's Cleanse from Bon Appetit is a culinary enthusiast's dream come true. Healthy and delicious! 

Eating right is the tough part for most people. After a few months,avoiding processed food, meat and dairy is now a way of life forme. If you aren't ready for a big swing, that's ok; any positive change improves how you look and feel. For reference and inspiration, look to one of the many popular posts and plans from your favorite magazine or other source. I have my own list of tips (up next post) of what works for my age, lifestyle and taste.. but there are so many others to fit various needs. These are a few to check out:

     If you're a cook/aspiring chef (or just a fan of eating) check out plans from Bobby Flay Fit via 
     Food Network Bon Appetit is featuring an amazing, effective Food Lover's Cleanse on their site 
     with many gourmet (seasonally appropriate) recipes and cutback strategies that's fantastic.

   When dining out, research new places in your neighborhood or city for organic and low calorie 
    options. In Nashville, one of the top places to grab a healthy lunch is at Sunflower Cafe in Berry 
    Hill. Their veggie burger is possibly the best in town. A daily selection of hot soups, vegan and 
    organic dishes is equally enticing and inexpensive.

    Those into reading online should add GOOP to your list. I get so
    much from this site and GP's books. Right now, there are dozens of ways to detox. 
    From healthy recipes to tips on bathing methods and home environment.. smart, realistic 
    suggestions from expert sources are endless.

Sunflower Cafe's veggie burger is even lighter sans bun.. so I chose fresh greens instead. 

    For getting/staying organized, Real Simple magazine offers stellar routes on a
    constant basis. One of the most relatable guides is a recent post from Style Blueprint
    about clearing/getting rid of things. It sent me straight to my closet, bathroom and pantry
    to see what I could live without. I'm usually very minimal, but the points made me aware
    that there's still room for improvement. It's a post to save and embrace. Less really can be more.

     For overall living and personal goals, browse those from 13 diverse, smart contributors' goals
     via Camille Styles, or look to the annual review of life in photos from Holly Williams. It will
     have you reaching for new ways to find joy and adventure every day this year.

Just one of the inspirational images from Holly's The Afternoon Off blog.

Do you have sites, guides or individuals that offer inspiration for making and keeping resolutions? Be sure to read PART 2 of this post and give me some feedback on your own tips and trials..