Saturday, December 21, 2013

GIFTS for the 'Impossible to Buy For'

We all have someone who completely stumps our shopping savvy. It might be a husband, father or individual who 'has everything' and/or very specific tastes. I have a couple of those in my life, and usually offer a creation from my kitchen/bar. A personal effort always seems appropriate, especially for someone who can buy whatever they choose. But, if you want to make an impact and have a bit of a budget, there are a few things to consider that are completely unique.

One is a truly special set from Nashville-based Third Man Records. Anyone into music on any level will appreciate, enjoy and use The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Holiday Bundle. At $435, it's an investment... but there's nothing like it on the market. The collection is based on fantastic music from 1917-1932, which pleases most any age recipient. Inventive, retro packaging and accessories along with authentic recordings are all part of the package.

Another gift to a couple, household or individual that cannot be replicated is the monthly Besh Box. You can select from 3 months to a full year of deliveries from one of the South's most acclaimed chefs, John Besh. Fresh ingredients for preparing a seasonal dish, kitchen tools, detailed instructions and even cooking 'playlists' are a part of each package. The concept is fantastic, as the monthly arrival of the Besh Box is like extending holiday excitement throughout the year. This may be considered a 'foodie' gift, but I believe it's perfect for almost any personality. 

If you're still shopping - stop and take a breather. There are so many options aside from what's on store shelves. Whatever your price range, being creative and thoughtful always feels right. 

Happy Holidays!