Monday, March 31, 2014

Designing Women

I am a girls' girl. Not that don't adore many great men, but do treasure inspiration from female forces. I'm fortunate to count truly accomplished women as close friends, and to draw from their strength daily. Whether that's from inventive PR guru Susan Andrews Thompson that I never go a week without consulting... or my sister, an amazing mom to my 3 favorite girls... I'm blessed with strong, supportive women in my life.

Possibly the best comical example of women supporting each other, ever. 

Last week I was lucky enough to be reminded of this in very different ways....

After leaving a little pre-anniversary gathering at Private Edition prior to a month of 33rd anniversary events, my mind was on the women behind it and how much I've gained from them over time. Imagine the drive and insight to bring luxury beauty brands to Tennessee 3 decades ago. The courage not only to do this, but to build and expand to include global product lines, other retail concepts and online business is mind blowing. The devoted team of ladies (surprisingly small) only become more savvy with time. 

Inside the trendsetting store and spa in Graces Plaza, Green Hills. 

 I also connected with a creative, spunky and (self-labeled) 'no-filter' jewelry designer from the Northeast crafting accessories in Middle Tennessee. The line is unlike anything else on the market: Elegant yet casual pieces involving vintage crystals, leathers and metal elements are all unique. She's a tiny thing, but the creations have big personality. Meeting her and hearing about her passion for the craft was my good fortune.  If you haven't met Sue Surdi or seen her work, get acquainted. The energy and beauty in both the person and the finished product is breathtaking.

These vintage crystal earrings by Sue Surdi and RM Designs outshine everything else
 on my dressing table. Browse and purchase the collection online, or at Levy's in Nashville.
Katie Jacobs was a young graphic designer I hired six years ago who worked up to be the magazine creative director --continually honing her skills and expanding abilities. Since retiring from corporate life (she followed suit soon after), I've seen her flourish online in freelance as well as on Styling My EveryDay. Last week I retained her for a client on a complex and diverse project styling/shooting multiple locales and concepts. Without pesky barriers of corporate red tape, she's even better. She's on-trend but timeless in her style while possessing a rare combination of no-nonsense work ethic and impeccable taste. It's fun to watch her spread her wings, putting varied skills to use in different ways. Katie's blog makes me want to be a better hostess, gift-giver and photographer. Our just executed project has me excited for the next one. And that's what being inspired is all about, really.

One of my favorite posts via Styling My EveryDay - creating a French-themed cocktail party.
You might also want to check out her amazing Pie Party for Style BluePrint.
While last week was especially relative to the topic, this one's starting out with promise of more. My first priority today is catching up with Marsha Middleton before leaving Atlanta. She's being touted for inclusion of a select 40 women for Best Self Atlanta Magazine. I'm not surprised, as she founded/operates M-Squared PR, one of the most respected boutique PR firms in the Southeast. Marsha is lovely, stylish, handles clients while raising two children and hosts wow-factor dinner parties without skipping a beat. She's also a blast. Over the last 12+ years of friendship and business, some of my most memorable girls' nights have been with her. I'm certain that a visit will continue this stream/feeling of girl-power goodness. 

Hopefully, you're lucky enough to have designing minds in your own life. It makes everything much more interesting and worthwhile..

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