Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Spring Party Solution

Everyone keeping up with top bloggers has dozens of entertaining idea folders or Pinterest boards. I certainly do, and appreciate easy access to endless inspiration. But, for me hosting parties isn't a business, it's life. Our home is filled with others often, and that's the way I like it... as long as things aren't too complicated. Matching plates or glassware are rare. I don't rent unless the count is crazy high, and no longer get my heart broken over broken crystal. The joy I get from sharing and using my favorite things trumps everything else. 

Night 1: Weeknight early evening reception with Kayne Prime 
Night 2: Casual shower. Rustic pewter and vintage glass platters along with ceramic mason jar vases from White's Mercantile. Burgers, popcorn, chips, veggies and sweets from Tavern and Whiskey Kitchen.
I'm not into matchy-matchy accessories or decor, but am a bit of a DIY stickler on certain elements, particularly flowers. In 2 days, I completely changed up arrangements for 2 separate parties. The first was a light cocktail buffet for Kevin Carter and Jay DeMarcus to honor Waiting for Wishes patrons. The second, a full-blown stock the bar party for an eclectic mix of friends in entertainment and music.

A patron's plate at the Waiting for Wishes reception

Mini versions of Tavern's ultimate burger 

Somehow, hosting is easier for me when things are back-to-back. Most pre-party tasks involve getting your house,yard or decor ready, so why not take advantage of the pristine condition? But, that doesn't apply to everything.
What I've learned from doing my own food in the past is it causes stress when dealing with over 25 people, no matter what the menu is. I will likely always cook for our intimate dinner parties, but for crowds, I have a new go-to source in MStreet. I'm thrilled that such a diverse dining group has launched a catering division. Finally!

From white bean and ham to goat cheese with red peppers or salmon and dill,
 each bruschetta topping was perfect. All from Rosewall and Kayne Prime.
If I had more space, I would have taken advantage of Kayne Prime's live shucker/ raw bar option. So fun!
For a weeknight affair for top Waiting for Wishes sponsors, Kayne Prime was ideal. Prawns, clams and crab claws were highlights. Mini Tavern burgers went just as fast at a weekend party. Basically, whether causal fair or elegant appetizers, they get it right.

Kayne Prime's Panna Cotta with strawberries was a huge hit. Such a fun, colorful display for spring.

Gluten free goodies were to accommodate the bride-to-be, but taste
wasn't compromised. Completely delicious, crowd-pleasing sweets.

For a pre-wedding celebration of Rusty Gaston and Kacie Boguskie, we chose Tavern (where they met). A bit of Whiskey Kitchen was mixed in for the addictive gluten free bourbon/bacon popcorn. The choice to select various items/locales from is a big part of the appeal. There's really no limit based on the variety of cuisine. It all stems from Jamie Bibler at Rosewall, who works with all of the chefs creating menus for any budget. Just love her! My guests raved about the food both nights, and empty plates confirmed the kudos. 

Smoked salmon from Kayne Prime served in cucumber rounds. Light and colorful for a spring buffet.

Sweet potato and veggie chips from Tavern's kitchen go fast.. really fast!

I can't wait to host a summer party around the pool using their Mexican or Italian restaurant inspiration from newer eateries Saint Anejo and Moto. The hardest part will be deciding between a taco bar with margaritas or a rustic Italian celebration. The good news is, with MStreet's help, I know either will be a cinch. 

Look for more summer party posts coming up.... I have lots of hosting planned between travel adventures. Keep following for updates on both.