Monday, March 25, 2013

MAD MEN Inspiration

Everyone who's had any connection with media in the last 5 years knows that the award winning series, Mad Men has had a huge impact on viewer ratings. But, it goes much further than that. When I checked into my usual suite at the Regent Beverly Wilshire in LA, I found the furnishings to be far less fussy/opulent than on past visits. In fact, the chairs and sofas could have come straight from Don Draper's office. And, they looked fantastic. I love the throwback to a simpler but elegant time. And I'm excited that a few choice brands are taking advantage of the trend.

Banana's simple Mad Men inspired dresses &
jewelry collection is simple, affordable and 
so easy to wear.

For starters, Banana Republic has released their (second) Mad Men collection. Simple and oh-so-stylish looks that are retro and of the moment of the same time.

In celebration of this season's debut, one of my all time favorite brands is also offering a positive nod to the show's influence with a limited edition Mad Men collection. Estee Lauder does nothing outside of the classic realm with cosmetics, and yet their products remain in the bags of the world's smartest women.

In LOVE with this packaging. Even the typeface is such a treat!

 I know this collection will sell out quickly, as it not only reflects the brand's elegance, but offers buyers packaging reminiscent of days gone by. It is GORGEOUS. The boxes alone are worth snapping up. But, then there's the gold compact and lipstick case inside. Buying these pieces is like getting a second chance at raiding your grandmother's dressing table, but with better ingredients inside.....
This blush is a modern mix, but the compact is totally retro-glam.

What is your favorite fashion influence from Mad Men? 
Do tell... and grab these goods inspired by
 the show before they're gone for good!