Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Juice Cleanse Nirvana

If someone had told me even a month ago that I would be crazy about a juice cleanse, I would have called them crazy. Yes, I realize that cleansing is good for you but I've never been one to jump at anything that involves zero food. I am usually a hungry girl... and never really drink juice of any kind.  Have always been too worried about the calories.

I don't drink sodas either. Basically, it's water, Crystal Light tea or vino/cocktails for me on the beverage front. But for the last week I changed all of that and stuck to a plan that now has me completely hooked. Due to a bit of medical dealings, I decided that it was the perfect time to (literally) take the plunge and dive into the Juice Nashville Cleanse that so many others have endorsed. Not only did I stick to the 3 day plan as  suggested, but I extended it for another 3 days for a total of 6 days without solid food of any kind. And, I have never felt better. On my first day 'off' the program I find myself not really craving anything and less ravenous than usual. I actually had two juices left over and didn't eat anything solid until early evening.  I think my body is forever changed, and thanking me for the break.
The Juice Nashville 3-day cleanse kit. Complete with an insulated tote and free delivery!

While I've read about people buying expensive juicers and going to the produce market daily to get scores of organic goods to break down, I cannot relate. Cleaning up alone has got to be a major chore. The process seems time-consuming, complicated and quite honestly, not realistic for my lifestyle. Luckily, Juice Nashville does all of that for you. And, they deliver non-pasturized, organic combinations directly to your doorstep-- twice a week if you request it. I like that they are local and helpful, too. In my opinion, this is the perfect solution to getting healthy without finding an excuse to stop due to time or error. It's so simple you really can't screw it up.....

Juice Nashville's LOVE blended with a bit of ice.... delicious!

But, you can make it better. To 'spice up' my juice experience, I would freeze a few until they became more like a 'slushy', which made the experience more of a treat. For the almond water/milk-- I didn't order from them (although they offer it) but got organic, unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk from my fave grocer and blended it with crushed ice for a morning shake. Tastes like a milkshake and starting on day 4, I added a scoop of protein powder just to keep my energy up. Never skipped a beat. This is now going to be my breakfast going forward. I actually liked all of the juice flavors, with my top choices being the Oh Yeah! and Snap! Mixtures include everything from apple, kale, collards and spinach to ginger, pear, carrots and lemon. They've discovered which work best together and bottled the combinations to perfection.

Now a staple in my kitchen, SNAP is my go-to flavor...

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? If so, how did you like it and what benefits were most noticeable?  Please share your tips as I plan to do this on a regular basis going forward and know that there are juicer secrets I've yet to learn.