Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Skin Saves

Most of us living in 'winter conditions' are dealing with the same thing: moisture loss, zapping cold, elevated exposure to 'false' heat and outdoor elements. Chaffed cheeks and cracked hands just in time for photos... just great, right? It's hard to smile for  holiday snapshots when you feel like a red, flaky mess.

One of my favorites... celebrating holiday cheer with a couple of my best girls:
A little shiny, yes.. but it's better than blah and blotchy!
My solution is problem-solving products. If you've been following, you know I adore the natural line from Susan Ciminelli. My post on Life Changing Skin Solutions still stands. I totally believe in her approach on treating things from the inside out with nutrients, oils and eating habits. Tips from Carrie Underwood's makeup artist on coconut oil benefits have totally changed my life. Soaking it up like crazy thanks to honest advice from Melissa Schleicher. 

This stuff is the bomb. Use on face, body and on your feet prior to putting on socks.
 Amazing.. and affordable-- in good groceries or health food stores. 
To tackle issues like flaking skin/rough patches, aging and covering imperfections at once, I've discovered another true 'savior'. Revision Skincare is only sold in doctor's offices or sponsored locales, as some of the products are quite aggressive. Their Vitamin C lotions and Revox are beyond effective if used regularly. 

To find out which of the power house 'C' lotions are for you,
ask Gold Skincare for samples or stop into Trace Skincare.
For glowing confidence in photos, I swear by Intellishade tinted moisturizer (suggested in my Girlfriend's Gift Guide) that reduces/eliminates the need for makeup. Combined with the Vitamin C working behind the scenes, it's a noticeable improvement. For those concerned with sagging/firmness at the jawline and dry skin, ask a specialist like Dr. Gold or Dr. Biseman (in Nashville) to see before and after photos of what the line's best-selling Nectifirm can do in record time. I'm starting to use it just for prevention!  
This stuff tightens like nobody's business and hydrates as a bonus!
For sample and purchase locations in your area, check the website.
Watch for celeb insider tips for staying hydrated in crazy conditions on a post soon. Until then, do share your skin secrets for the season.